Chimp Studios LLC

Print Selection

Requires 10.7 or Later

64 bit processor

Print Selection

Print Selection integrates with OS X so you can selectively print snippets from the Web, email, and documents. Stop wasting ink and paper printing off banner ads or comments from websites!

Print Selection Main App Window Toggle Grayscale to Save Color Ink

Accessible from the menubar or as a service, it is super easy to paste text and images into the app to print. Power users will love the Print Selection service that allows direct printing from apps like Safari and Mail.

Toggle grayscale mode with a click of a button and save your color ink for the pictures that you really care about!


  • Simple access to app from Menubar, dock, or Global hotkey (Ctrl p by default)
  • Power user friendly Service integration for direct to print dialog efficiency
  • Grayscale mode instantly converts all text and images to save on color ink
  • Customizable hot keys for both the app and the service
  • Content is automatically saved between app launches
  • Resizable menubar window
  • Supports basic text editing

"printing selected items is a whole [lot] easier with Chimp Studios’ Print Selection"

- Dennis Sellers via